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Designing a Kid-Friendly Home: Décor and Safety Considerations

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Designing a home that is kid-friendly can be a challenging task for parents. Parents want their homes to be safe for their kids while at the same time creating an environment that is stylish and comfortable. It is essential to consider décor and safety when designing a home that is safe and comfortable for kids.

In this article, we will explore some décor and safety considerations to make when designing a kid-friendly home.

Décor Considerations

When designing a kid-friendly home, it is important to create a space that is approachable for kids. Decorative elements should be kid-friendly, yet aesthetically pleasing. Here are some décor considerations to make:

Color Scheme

The color scheme of your home should be both fun and kid-friendly. Instead of using all the colors of the rainbow, choose a complementary color palette that includes a few bright colors that kids will appreciate. Choose soothing colors for the bedroom and livings spaces such as pastel colors.

Furniture Selection

Your furniture selection should be both kid-friendly and stylish. Choose furniture that is comfortable and durable, such as a plush sofa, but also safe for kids, such as a sturdy coffee table.

Wall Decor

Hang posters, artwork, or decals on the walls that reflect your kid’s personality. For example, if your child loves space, hang a mural of the galaxy. You can use removable wall decals that can be easily placed and removed without damaging the wall. The decals add color to your walls and can be easily replaced as your child’s interest change.


Storage is key in a kid-friendly home. Choose shelving units, toy chests, or storage bins that are easy to access for kids. Storage bins with handles are perfect for kids because they can pull them out and put them back in without assistance.

Safety Considerations

Designing a safe home for your children is crucial. Your home should protect your child from danger and reduce the risk of accidents. Here are some safety considerations you should make:

Electrical Outlets

Install tamper-proof outlets, which prevent kids from sticking objects into them. Covering outlets with plastic plugs only works if your child doesn’t pull them out.


If you have stairs in your home, install baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. These gates prevent your child from accessing the stairs and falling down them.


Install window guards on the windows to prevent your child from falling out of them. Also, don’t place any furniture near the windows as your child may use it as a climb.


If you have a fireplace in your home, install a fireplace screen to keep your child from getting too close to the flames. The screen should be sturdy and able to capture any sparks.

In conclusion, designing a kid-friendly home with décor and safety considerations in mind is important for protecting your child from danger and creating a comfortable and stylish home. With these considerations, you can achieve a perfect balance between safety and aesthetics.

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